In June 2000, two Cochrane High School science teachers decided to create a real-life example of sustainable development as a learning tool for their students. Their plan was to install solar panels and a wind turbine on the roof of the school. They gathered a group of interested students to help fundraise and promote the project.

Since the first phase, our project has expanded to include expanding the existing photovoltaic system, installing a solar hot water system, creating a garden with a focus on water/waste reduction and composting, installing more solar panels and energy regulators such as sensors and LED lights and a rainwater collection system, spear heading the school’s recycling & outreach program, advocating for the installation of a wind turbine and building an outdoor classroom.

Student Objectives

  • Learn the costs and benefits of using renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources, as well as conserving energy
  • Observe the effects of using these energy sources and energy saving methods on the environment and on our community.
  • Find out about the the scientific principles behind environmentally-friendly energy use.
  • Become more environmentally-aware in our own lives.
  • To set an example for other schools and businesses, both in Cochrane, as well as in other places in Alberta.

To read more about the project in general, see our  Project Summary page.