E-Waste Challenge Results

E-Waste Challenge- September 21st to October 23rd

School Kg collected/student (total kg collected)
Manachaban 4.89 (2098)
Holy Spirit 5.29 (2143)
Notre Dame Des Vallees 0.74 (99)
Cochrane High School 6.17 (4792)

The E-Waste challenge has come to an end and we are excited to announce that Cochrane High has won! CHSD would like to thank everyone within the community and the school that donated to this great cause. We were thrilled to see so much participation within our school community and the town. Between the four participating schools a total of 9132 Kg of waste was collected and will be re-purposed into usable materials. We are thrilled to see the community build towards a more sustainable future. Thank you!

The last collection of E-waste at Cochrane High School  


A Thank You Note:  

Cochrane High’s sustainable development is astonished by the outcome of the e-waste competition. The Cochrane High community exceeded expectations in the amount of waste collected, and we are very excited to put the money we earned towards a sustainability project. Although we are very proud of this achievement and we are excited with the outcome, this was not just about the competition for us; but a project we believe positively impacts the environment while engaging the community in a fun and positive way. The competition has also improved the collective norm within our school. The students are noticeably making stronger efforts to dispose of recyclable waste properly, and our principal is even trying to bring more strategies forward to contribute towards a greener future for both our school and our community. Currently, we will be putting the money into our maintenance fund for our previous projects. Although there will be more projects to come, maintenance is an element that evidently comes with all projects we pursue and without it our past efforts are potentially rendered useless. Some precedents from the committee that our maintenance fund covers include the solar hot water system, our plastic and bottle recycling program and the outdoor classroom. The sustainable development committee would like to thank the community for their contribution and support. We look forward to sustaining a greener community.


CHSD Committee members Lori Smigelski and Brent Smigelski

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