Project – Phase I

Phase 1 – Photovoltaic and Wind Energy System

30 Solar panels rated at 110 V

28 have been arranged into 2 series of 14’s; the remaining two have been added to phase 2.

Power produced can be ~3000W or 3 kW.

Payback is 40 years as this amount is only enough to power 2 classrooms or 1.5% of the total school’s electrical usage.

1 residential Air X wind turbine rated at 400 W or 0.4 kW. Electricity from this wind turbine runs a laptop computer which tracks our carbon dioxide reduction amount, money saved from fossil fuel production and total power produced by the solar panels.

Both solar panels and the wind turbine are grid tied so that in case of prolonged cloudy periods or no wind, we will still be capable of getting electricity from the Alberta electricity pool.

Total cost of Phase I was $47,000 which was raised in 5 months. Started February 2004 and finished Jan 2005.