Project Team


Project Team members accept a donation during installation. An enthusiastic and forward thinking project team was necessary to make this project such a success!


Cochrane High Principal Chris Lees, left, with science teachers Stephanie Bennett and Earl Binder, who initiated the Sustainable Development Project.

Sustainable Development Phase II
Committee Members 2005 – 2006

Ms. Stephanie Bennett
Mr. Earl Binder
Connor Bays
Duncan Bays
Rainer Bell
Ryan Callaway
Courtney Hanley
Natasha Hoch
Travis Kelter* (YEP rep to Paris, France Oct/06)
Alex Loader
Brittany Logan
Kaitlyn Mack
Chris Moore
Brian Mowbray
Marya Neustaedter
Nicole Pesta
Emily Sitter
Michael Smith
Sara Walde
Alex Wallace