Project – Phase III

Phase 3- Solar Hot Water System

4 Solar collectors, 1-120 US Gallon water tank with energy pack, and 50’ piping

Works on a heat exchange system. Less natural gas is used by the school to heat up it’s water. Water/glycerol mixture in pipes is heated up by the sun and goes into new water tank. Water from school’s water tank goes by heat exchanger in new water tank and is heated up for our use in our classroom taps, staffroom/foods room dishwashers, gym showers, gym washing machine.

Our natural gas consumption could be reduced by 50% annually.

Payback is 7 – 10 years

We’ve combined this with an AirTap fan that pumps warm waste air from our boiler room ino the new water tank. It’s the first of its kind cogeneration system in Rockyview Schools Division.

Cost of Phase 3 was $25,000 and was raised in one year. Began Sept 2007 and finished April 2009.