Project – Phase IV

Phase IV– Garden, Water/Waste Reduction, Composting

4 waterless urinals, 7 dual flush toilets installed March 2009

3 no-idling signs installed October 2008 in main parking lot

4 small 3-bin recycling receptacles placed in 4 classrooms; 2 large 4-bin composting receptacles placed in cafeteria and staff room; made one large 3-bin compost receptacle for outside near garden.

One garden containing four raised beds: one for berry bushes (Norland apples, raspberries, Nanking cherries, Evans cherries, Saskatoon berries and Golden Currants); one for herbs (dill, garlic, chives, oregano, thyme); one for root planst (potatoes, beets, radishes, runner beans, lettuce, kale, horseradish, carrots); and one for flowers to attract insect pollinators. The students also made 7 birdhouses which we placed in the garden beds.

Cost $7000 and the payback has been immediate. This fall we will harvest the food and use in our cafeteria and foods classes. Our garbage has been reduced by 33% in less than one year. Water data has yet to be determined.

Phase 4 began in October 2008 and was finished by May 2009.