Project – Phase V

sanyo-solar-panel sustainable developmentPhase V – Sanyo 215W Solar Panels, Lighting Sensors, LED Security Lights and Rainwater Collection System

Raised: $40, 050

After the successful implementation of many new technologies seen with Phase Four, the committee has drawn a great amount of attention to all the inefficient lighting systems around the school, as well as the large televisions that draw large amounts of energy. The committee also seeks to make the garden more independent from school resources. And so, the committee is now findraising for Phase V, which includes:

8 Sanyo 215W Solar Panels to help power HD television screens in the main entrance.

A light sensor in cafeteria to regulate indoor lighting depending on amount of light from the skylights.

Motion sensors in all fourteen maintenance rooms to turn off lights when rooms are unoccupied.

All exterior security lights and EXIT signs being replaced with LED technology.

Custom-designed eaves troughs placed around the tennis court to collect rainwater for the vegetable garden.