September 2009 A group of students attended the Canadian Student Leadership Conference in Olds, Alberta where they shared our ideas on sustainable living, and also received input from other student leaders.
September 2009-June 2010 We fund raised a considerable amount to fund this phase. A lot of our funding came from grants made by corporations and the government. We also received several very generous private donations from members of our community, in addition to the student’s fund raising efforts. We held several bottle drives which were quite successful thanks to the students of Cochrane High, their parents, as well as community members who stopped by to help us out. Another student-driven fundraiser was selling Tupperware; we made a commission from every piece of Tupperware that we sold, as well as promoted litter-less lunches.

Promoting and inspiring others was an important part of this phase, as well as of our project in general. We gave tours to younger children from the adjacent elementary school, as well as to community members at the SPUR night that was help at our school. SPUR is an organization in Cochrane that promotes sustainable development for the town.

June 2010 In late June, the first part of phase V was installed. Our custom designed eavestrough was mounted on two sides of the tennis court roof to provide water for our garden, which was proved to be quite successful.
July 2010 In early July, the motion sensors, light sensors, and LED wall packs were installed in our school.