Project – Phase VI

Phase VI – Recycling & Outreach Program

Recycling bins for school


  1. Expanded the compost/recycling program:
  2. Purchased one more glutton bin and added to the snakepit;
  3. Purchased 4 more smartbins placing one each  in two other science classes, bandroom, one social studies classroom to increase recycling and waste reduction in school

Outreach Program

  1. Increased awareness at our trischool site, our other feeder schools (Bearspaw and Westbrook), and other schools in the town
  2. Talked to grade 9s at the start of the year during orientation
  3. Educated teachers in August at their back to school meeting (presentation)
  4. Put recycling on teacher list to be read out to all students in every class on Day 1
  5. Made a video presentation of the panels and solar collectors on the roof
  6. Participated in Conferences such as the Energy Summit Conference in Kananaskis, March 2011 and hosted a video conference to schools in the USA, Central and South America in October 2010