July 2011 to December 2011 Research and development 
January 2012 Approval by School Division  to pursue steps required to implement the small wind proposal
October 2011 – March 2012 Fundraising  

Public Relations

April 24, 2012 Community Presentation #1  April 24, 2012 – met with disapproval by 3 out of 8 neighbours that attended.  Noise and visual were top concerns; moved turbine proposed site twice in response to concerns (west side by large gymnasium); engineers present, computer animated design and computer presentation were used

Followup to first meeting:  CHSD Committee members visited two 4th Avenue resident homes to get their view and those residents were invited to tour the school rooftop to get our view

Followup to first meeting:  meeting at Cochrane High School with three concerned residents, Cochrane Planning Committee, CHS Principal and CHSD Committee Advisor June 15, 2012; based on the Committee’s research and the resident’s complaints, the CHSD Advisor still felt the SWT proposal complied with existing bylaws within the town and decided to proceed with submitting the proposal for a discretionary use permit with the Town.

Summer 2012 Submit Discretionary Use Application to Town of Cochrane –
Discovered have to submit to AUC because we would produce greater than 10 kW when combine the turbine proposal with our existing 6.1 kW photovoltaic array
September 13, 2012 Community Presentation #2  – Town Hall style and met with greater disapproval; notified residents of third new location (north of fieldhouse) and presented more substantive data that was collected over the summer of 2012; visual impact and property values were top concerns from attendees.
October  25, 2012 Community Presentation #3 – Notified residents of fourth new site (off centre of trischool site); Storyboards, scale replicas, computer animated design, more research, experts present; highly interactive
November 2012 Presentation to School Board
December 2012 NTT Presentation to School Board
January 2013 Decision to send Application to AUC by School Board
March 2013 Town of Cochrane motions for CHS to place AUC Application on hold until Town develops a Renewable Energy Framework –

School Board removes CHSD Sustainable Development Small Wind Turbine Application which renders proposal null and void.

April 2014 Town of Cochrane Renewable Energy Framework Community Consultation #1 and #2
December 2014 Town Council Meeting  – CHSD Committee presented its report on the Evance R9000 and all its research to Council in conjunction with the REF draft presentation.
April 2015 Town Council approves REF policy
Cost:  $40,000