Project – Phase VIII

Phase VIII was a two year initiative that involved re-evaluating our recycling program using a Calgary company, Bluplanet as well as developing plans to redesign outdoor space at the north end of the school into an outdoor classroom for cross-curricular work.
The CHSD Committee completed a three month trial with Bluplanet that handles materials differently than the current Waste Management system.  Bluplanet offers a no-sorting recycling service, making the process much more convenient for those discarding waste.  Using Bluplanet’s system, our school increased net recycled material and decreased our overall wastestream.  We collected data and presented our findings in a report to Central Office as information in its future decision making.

The CHSD Committee also took two years to plan, design, cost and implement an outdoor classroom from an area that was originally turf and cement.  More space for outdoor research, creativity, and production has now been created for our student population to use.  The design involves all native vegetation and natural seating.  In addition, to accommodate large classes, artificial seating has also been installed.

Phase VIII – Outdoor Classroom

Before (Summer 2014)

Fall 2014 Area Preparation

Timelapse Video of Mulch Spreading (December 2014)

Spring 2015

Summer 2015