Town of Cochrane E-Waste Recycling Challenge

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CHS’s Sustainable Development Committee has joined in the Town of Cochrane Eco Centre E-Waste Recycling Challenge that is being held from Monday September 21, 2015 to Friday October 23, 2015. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, three quarters of computers sold in the US are stockpiled in garages and closets waiting to be thrown away.   E-waste contains hazardous materials such as lead, mercury and cadmium which can pose a threat to the environment and humans if dumped in landfills. Part of the disposal regime includes exporting the waste to developing countries which has dire consequences.

The benefit of this e-waste challenge is that not only can the materials be upcycled using electronic processors into commodities such as plastics, metals and glass but it can be done right here in Alberta. GEEP is a global electronic processor in Calgary that uses state-of-the-art recycling equipment. GEEP utilizes the resources of redundant electrical and electronic equipment through the recovery of raw materials. With a zero landfill goal, the company has won accolades for its processes and sustainable operations. Nothing that is collected during this challenge is being “dumped” into developing countries.

For the duration of the challenge GEEP will loan Cochrane High three large bins which will be used to collect all unusable, redundant, portable electronic devices that plug into the wall or run on batteries. One bin is located in the snakepit just outside the main office. The other two bins are located in the Lyceum at the south wall.

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Please join Cochrane High and the Sustainable Development Committee in this challenge by bringing in your outdated or non-working electronic devices. One collection bin is located in the snakepit as you enter the school through our main doors. Help us protect our environment from the dangers of the increasing presence of electronic waste (e-waste). The winning school is awarded a cash prize that is to be put towards a sustainability initiative in our school.

If you would prefer your e-waste picked up, please contact Ms Stephanie Bennett at 403-932-2542 or by emailing to Thank you for your support!


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